Troubleshooting the MCLINC online library catalog

 The following tips are provided to help you troubleshoot problems accessing or using the MCLINC online catalog from home.  If none of these suggestions match your problem, please contact your local library branch for further assistance.  To view contact information for each branch, please click here:

For more information about the Patron Access features of our online catalog, please visit:


Web Browser and Versions

The MCLINC online catalog should work correctly with most Web browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, FIrefox and Safari. 

 Most Common problems and their solutions

“Please enter your password.”

If you do not know your password and have given an email address to the library, click the "Forgot your password?" link on the Patron Login Page.  If you do not have a password for your account, click the "create a password" link on the Patron Login Page. 

“The system was unable to log you on, please check your barcode and password.”

This error occurs if an invalid barcode number, password, or both were entered.  Be sure to enter your entire barcode (all 14 digits) without any spaces or punctuation.  Be sure to retry your password.  Also remember that passwords are case sensitive: if you cannot recall your password, enter your barcode number and click Forgot Password.  Your password will be sent to the email address you have given the library.

 The system does not respond

If clicking “Log On” seems to do nothing or only refreshes the “Please enter your barcode number and password” screen, then accepting cookies may not by enabled in the patron’s Web browser. To enable cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, go to the Tools menu and choose Internet Options. Click on the Privacy tab, press the Default button and click OK. For enabling cookies for other browsers, please check the Help section included with the browser which is usually accessible from the Help menu.

This problem may also be caused by Personal Security (firewall) software.  To test, please disable your security and retry.  If the catalog works, please re-enable your security software, then visit or contact your technical support team to learn how to make MCLINC a trusted site, recognized by your browser in the future.

 "Warning: Page has expired"

Check the Date and Time Zone in use by your computer.  If it is incorrect, i.e. not set to Eastern time, or the clock is not displaying the correct date or time, correct them and retry your request.

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