Montgomery County Library & Information Network Consortium






This policy defines the rules that apply to patrons accessing wireless Internet service at MCLINC libraries using their own equipment.




Patrons with valid registration may use their own equipment to access the Internet at MCLINC libraries where wireless service is available.  These policy guidelines apply to wireless Internet service through the MCLINC network only.  Patrons using libraries with Internet service via other carriers (e.g. Verizon, Comcast, etc.) are not subject to this policy.


MCLINC member libraries are responsible for adopting Acceptable Use Policies.  Acceptable Use Policies outline rules for use of computing resources and those rules may be subject to state and/or federal legislation.  Workstations on the MCLINC network, including those owned by patrons, are subject to the Acceptable Use Policy adopted by the local library.  By choosing to use this library’s wireless Internet service, patrons agree to abide by the terms of the Acceptable Use Policy.


Session Restrictions

A valid registration and password are required to use MCLINC wireless Internet service at many libraries.  Patrons without a MCLINC library card should speak with staff.


Portable devices (laptops, PDAs, Blackberrys, etc.) owned by patrons may access the Internet at any MCLINC library equipped to offer the service.  MCLINC reserves the right to apply certain conditions to wireless Internet sessions.  Examples of such conditions include but are not limited to: session time limits, bandwidth usage limits, concurrent user limits, age limits, hours of access, or filtering. 



These sessions may or may not be filtered.  Patrons are required to abide by the acceptable use policy of the library.



MCLINC makes no guarantees with regard to network availability and does not guarantee a secure connection.  Patrons using MCLINC wireless Internet service agree that MCLINC will not be held liable for any damage to personal hardware or software, or for virus infections or other consequences caused by downloads while using the MCLINC network.  Patrons should have up-to-date virus software to protect personal devices.  Patrons agree to indemnify and hold MCLINC and its member libraries harmless from any and all liability.


Technical Support

Technical support is not available to users for configuration of personal devices. If you experience difficulty obtaining a wireless signal within the library, please move to a location closer to the wireless access point, which staff can point out for you. 



Printers are not available for wireless access sessions.  Patrons are advised to save their work and take it to a public workstation or email it home for printing at a later time.


Last updated October 19, 2007