Introducing Patron Access at MCLINC!

Montgomery County Library & Information Network Consortium

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The MCLINC online catalog now provides library users with the option to see personal account information within the library and from home.  These instructions describe the steps to access your account from home.  The process may vary slightly when using the MCLINC online catalog (Polaris® Pac) in your local library.  If you experience any trouble using Patron Access, please contact your local MCLINC library or send an email to


NOTE: Access to your account requires a password.  Please speak with library staff to request your password and activate your account, or follow the directions below to create one.  If you forget your password, you must request a new one (in person) at your local MCLINC library.  Once entered into your record, library staff cannot view your password.


Accessing Your Patron Account using the Polaris® Power Pac


Connect to the MCLINC online catalog at or go directly to the Patron logon screen.


Log On to Your Account:


Click the Log In link at the top left of the page.

Enter your Barcode number

Enter your Password

Click Log In


If you do not have a password, click the link at the top of the page, found in the sentence that reads "If you have a library card but do not yet have a password, click here to create a password."


Once logged on, click the tab marked Patron Account.  You have access to the following information:


My Record

Your borrower information, including name, address, the MCLINC library where you are registered, and the expiration date of your borrower card. 


To Change Account Information:

Click this button to open a form.  Note your changes, and an email message will be sent to MCLINC staff.  Changes are usually updated within 2-3 business days.



Your Password


To create a password:

Choose the tab marked Patron Account.  At the top of the page there is a link that says "If you do not have a password, click here to create one."  Click the link, enter your barcode and type your password twice.  Then click Submit.  Your password is created.



To Change Your Password:

Click Change Password.  Type your Old Password (required).  Type your New Password, and confirm your new password by re-typing it in the field labeled Verification.  Click Submit.  If your new password does not work, you may need to delete your stored passwords on your home computer.  Be sure you know all of the passwords used for other websites, as these will also be deleted!

Items Out

The Items Out page lists the items currently checked out on your borrower card, with call number, author, title, library, due date and number of renewals left.


Renewing Items:

Place a check in the box next to the item(s) you wish to renew.  If you selected all items, click the Renew All Items link. If you selected one or more (but not all) items, click the Renew Selected Items link.


Renewal of overdue items is permitted so long as the total amount due (for all overdue items) is less than $10.00.  This policy has been adopted to allow patrons the opportunity to charge current fines to the library account, renew the late items, and settle the outstanding amount upon the next visit to the library.  This policy does not apply to renewals of items that are on reserve, items that have been billed, or inter-library loans (books borrowed for you from non-MCLINC libraries).  For more information, please contact your MCLINC library, or email to



The Requests page lists the items currently reserved on your borrower card, and provides the title, pickup library, status of the request, and your number in the reserve queue (where 1 = next).


Cancelling Requests:

Place a check in the box next to the reserve(s) you wish to cancel.  If you selected all reserves, click the Cancel All Requests link. If you selected one or more (but not all) items, click the Cancel Selected Requests link.  Cancelled requests will be automatically deleted from your list after one month.  If you are unable to cancel a request, please contact your MCLINC library for assistance, or email to


Placing Requests:

Access to your patron account is not necessary to place a request.  Requests are placed from online catalog searches.  Browse the catalog for the title you wish to reserve, then click the Place Request button.  Enter your Barcode, enter your Password, then accept or change the Pickup Library.  Click Submit Request.


Fines & Fees

The Fines & Fees page lists outstanding charges posted to your library account. 


To View Details:

Click on the Blue button to the left of the item in the list.  Details include the date, type of charge, reason, and amount due.


NOTE: If you feel a charge has been assessed in error, please contact your local MCLINC library or email to


Reading History

The online catalog is now capable of storing the last 1,000 titles checked out on your card for up to 3 years.  To turn this option on please click Change Preferences.  Then check the box marked Maintain permanent reading list and click Submit.  If your browser is not Internet Explorer, you may not see the Privacy disclaimer, which reads as follows:


The feature you have selected retains personal data in your patron account.  Such data may be accessed by law enforcement personnel with a court order without your knowledge or consent.  Do you wish to continue?


Please note that Reading History lists are updated overnight to protect system performance during business hours.  The items you borrowed today will be reflected in your History tomorrow.


To discontinue your reading history, log onto your account, then click Change Preferences, and uncheck Maintain permanent reading list and click Submit.  If your browser is not Internet Explorer, you may not see the Warning, which reads as follows:


Stopping reading history will also delete any existing history. Press OK to continue.


Log Off


You may log off by clicking the navigation button (under the banner) or from the bottom of nearly every page.  Protect your privacy!  Remember to log off!


Revised February 2008