How to Search


You can search by typing a word, or you can click a link to search a category.


Search by typing a word


1. Type a word or words in the Look for box.


2. Pick a place in the library catalog to look for the word you typed:


Click Anywhere to find materials with your word anywhere in the library catalog.

Click Subjects to find materials about your word.

Click Titles to find materials with names that include your word.

Click Authors to find materials written by people whose names include your word.

Click Series to find materials with your word in the name of the series.

Click Fiction to find stories about your word.

Click Non-Fiction to find facts about your word.


The search starts. If the search finds something, you see the search results list.

If the search does not find anything, you see a page with search help.


3. To clear your search results and go back to the home page, click the picture at the top of the page.


Search a category

1. Click a link on the home page to search a category.  We picked "Machines."

You see a list of related categories and targets. When you click a target, you may launch a search, see a list of titles, or go to a Web site.

2. Click a related category, or click a target.

If you clicked a related category, you may see more categories, or targets, or both. You can move around in a category by clicking the links at the top of the page. They show the categories and related categories you have already picked.

If you clicked a target, you see search results, a list of links to titles, or a Web site.

3. To clear your search results and go back to the home page, click the picture at the top of the page.



Find More Info

1. Click on the title or the word Show more information about this title. to see a bigger cover jacket image (if available) a summary of the title, and library locations.


2. Click  to reserve this title.  Enter your barcode number and password then click Submit Request.  Your book will be sent to the library where you received your borrower's card.


If you need help, click the bookworm at the top of the page.


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