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General Questions


Sign up for a library card?


There is a link on the MCLINC home page to an application form.This form is an Adobe document which you can fill in, print and bring to any MCLINC library.Please note that Abington Library will only accept applications from residents who reside in the Abington Library service area.


Find my MCLINC library telephone number?


Library telephone numbers are located on the MCLINC Member Library page.


Find my MCLINC library website?


Links to member library websites are attached to library names on the MCLINC Member Library page.


Sign up for email notification?


SYSTEM DOWNTIME NOTICES: Email notification is available to warn you of scheduled downtime on the MCLINC network.Once you have subscribed to this service, MCLINC will notify you whenever access to the catalog will be interrupted for system maintenance.  Special Note:  Be sure to add '' as a trusted site in your spam filter or your messages may not get delivered!  MCLINC is not always able to respond to challenges from your filter company/software.


PERSONAL NOTICES: Email notification is also available to alert you when your reserves are waiting for pickup at your library or bookmobile.Fill in and print the authorization form and bring it to your MCLINC library to initiate the service.  Special Note:  Be sure to add '' as a trusted site in your spam filter or your messages may not get delivered!  MCLINC is not always able to respond to challenges from your filter company/software.


Some notices will be automatically delivered, based on your having provided an email address to MCLINC.  Examples include notices of materials almost due, or for when your card is about to expire.


Learn more about the Downloadable Audio service?


Please see our User Guide.


Online Catalog Questions


Create my own password?


Follow the step-by-step instructions here.


Change my password?


Note that you must remember your current password to change it.Click the Patron Account button and log into your account.Click Change Password.Type your old Password (required).Type your new Password, and confirm your new password by re-typing it in the field labeled Verification.Click Submit.If your new password does not work, you may need to delete the stored passwords on your home computer.Be sure you know all of the passwords used for other websites, as these will also be deleted!


Change my password when I cannot remember it?


A MCLINC library staff person can assist you.Please call the library.Library policy may vary.You may be required by your home library to request this change in person, or you may be asked for your library card number, and to confirm other information in your account, so that we are sure we can confirm your identity by phone.The staff person can delete your old password so you can create a new one, or can enter the new one directly into your account.Please note that staff cannot read the passwords stored in patron accounts, as they are masked by asterisks.


Change my account information?


To change your address, email address, or phone number log onto your account then click the Change Account Settings link.Re-type your changes then click the Submit Change Request button.An email message will be sent to staff and your changes should take effect within 1-2 business days.


Save my reading history?


MCLINC can retain a list of the titles you have checked out.To turn this feature on, log onto your account then click the Change Preferences link.Check the Maintain permanent reading list box, then click Submit.The items that you check out from that point forward will display in your patron account under a new tab called Reading History. Materials already checked out including those currently checked out will not be displayed in your Reading History.


Delete my reading history?


To discontinue your reading history, log onto your account, then click Change Preferences, and uncheck Maintain permanent reading list and click Submit.


Limit my search results to my MCLINC library?


Click the Currently logged into box at the top of the page and choose your library.Any search results will display your library at the top of the results list.



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Email the webmaster or use the Ask Us button in the online catalog.We will respond to you directly!


Last Updated: 3/14/2007